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NSA Critic Named No. 2 White House Tech Official (Nextgov)

A highly regarded information security researcher and outspoken critic of National Security Agency activities has been named a White House deputy chief technology officer, the Obama administration announced Monday.

At first blush, Ed Felten might seem a surprising choice. Just two months ago, the current Princeton University computer science professor called attention to a wrong-headed move on the government's part to ask for "backdoors" in locked, or encrypted, communications.      Read More.


Pentagon Considers Turning Nation’s Cellphones into Walkie-Talkies During Emergencies

May 27, 2015


Let's say it's 2016 and the government has a message to get out to the public -- ISIS is believed to be waging an attack on cellphone towers in the United States. How can the feds communicate that to a population of cord cutters when the towers are down?

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