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Top tech priorities for public safety officials? Just keeping up is No. 1 (Smart Cities Council)

A short survey by the Public Technology Institute (PYI) asked public safety and IT officials from local governments large and small to rank 16 public safety technology topics according to their internal priorities."Just keeping up" with technology changes, personnel changes and workload topped the list with 56% calling that their No. 1 priority. PTI suggests this could be due to respondents expecting budget decreases over the next fiscal year    Read More

Cisco's Padmasree Warrior Briefs Hill Staff on Internet of Everything

On June 5, 2014, CPPI hosted a roundtable on the Internet of Everything with Cisco's Chief Technology and Strategy Officer Padmasree Warrior and Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) on Capitol Hill. Warrior disussed how the next era of the Internet will impact a variety of sectors including healthcare, education, and agriculture.
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Center for Public Policy Innovation Hosts Congressional Site Visit of FireEye & Symantec

On May 28, 2014, the Center for Public Policy Innovation (CPPI) hosted a bipartisan Congressional tour of two leading cybersecurity companies in Northern Virginia - FireEye and Symantec. Congressmen Ted Deutch (D-FL-21); Blake Farenthold (R-TX-27); Tom Marino (R-PA-10); and Jared Polis (D-CO-2) had a chance to meet with top industry cyber experts to better understand vulnerabilities and methods of deterrence.     Read More

Wearable to Aware-able: Contact, Connection, Context (Cisco Blog, Dave Evans)

Since the dawn of time, humans have been motivated by an innate desire to be connected to each other and to information. Today, we are seeing this need satisfied as the Internet of Everything (IoE) evolves to connect more people, process, data and things than ever before. An essential part of the growth of the Internet of Everything will depend on how mobile devices, connected things and wearable technology adapts and develops to become more aware and intelligent.    Read More

Todd Park (third from left) with members of his digital team (from left): Haley Van Dyck, Vivian Graubard, Park, Jennifer Anastasoff, Mikey Dickerson, Erie Meyer, and Brian Lefler. Michael George

America’s Tech Guru Steps Down—But He’s Not Done Rebooting the Government (Wired)

September 2, 2014

The White House confirmed yesterday the rumors that Todd Park, the nation’s Chief Technology Officer and the spiritual leader of its effort to reform the way the government uses technology, is leaving his post. Largely for family reasons—a long delayed promise to his wife to raise their family in California—he’s moving back to the Bay Area he left when he began working for President Barack Obama in 2009.

Ebola: Experimental drug ZMapp is '100% effective' in animal trials
August 29, 2014
(BBC News) - The only clinical trial data on the experimental Ebola drug ZMapp shows it is 100% effective in monkey studies, even in later stages of the infection....

Biodesign: Why the future of our cities is soft and hairy
August 29, 2014
(CNN) - According to writer and curator William Myers, author of the book Biodesign, concerns for sustainability and increasing pressure on the world's resources is leading to in...

When our wearables talk with our doctors
August 29, 2014
(ZDNet) - Soon, our wearables could change health care – but perhaps not in the way you expect....

Energy-efficient set-top boxes cut consumer energy costs by $168M, says NCTA report
August 29, 2014
(FierceTelecom) - While the debate over how much energy set-top boxes consume will continue, a new National Cable Telecommunications Association (NCTA) report revealed that energy-efficien...

New York City Tackles Rising Lawsuit Costs with Data and Maps
August 29, 2014
(Government Technology) - ClaimStat is a data-driven risk management tool that can spot patterns in lawsuit claims and help find ways to reduce the costs of settlements and judgments....

An App Can Reveal When Withdrawal Tremors Are Real
August 29, 2014
(NPR) - It took almost two years, but Borgundvaag and compadres have created an app that measures the amount of tremor in a person who appears to be in withdrawal. They simply ha...

VA’s Scheduling System Revamp Will Be Big Test of Agency’s Agile Approach
August 29, 2014
(Next Gov) - The last attempt by the Department of Veterans Affairs to update the system used by hundreds of VA facilities nationwide to schedule and manage veterans’ medical appointm...

New DEA rule means changes to eRx
August 28, 2014
(Healthcare IT News) - A restrictive new rule change from the Drug Enforcement Administration, making it more difficult for physicians to prescribe opioids, will necessitate some changes to e-p...

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